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Life’s Better on a Boat

Amelia Island Boat Club (AIBC) is a local business that offers a convenient, hassle-free alternative to traditional boating. We offer a variety of boats, gear, and accessories so that our members and rental clients can maximize their time on the water. Select a boat from our fleet that best suits your needs, anything else you want for entertaining or exploring, and leave your cares onshore. We’ll get everything prepared for your voyage and handle the boat’s maintenance upon your return.

Along with AIBC’s private boat club membership, we also offer boat and WaveRunner rentals for non-members. Whether you’re cruising for dolphins and other area wildlife, fishing the backwaters for that keeper red, or taking in the sights of Cumberland Island and Fort Clinch, AIBC has a boating experience for you! If you’re not comfortable navigating the waters surrounding Amelia Island and would like a private tour of the area, we’re happy to provide a captain for your boat rental. Just sit back and enjoy the ride as you experience Amelia Island by water. AIBC makes boating around Amelia Island easy, fun, and convenient.

Boat Club Pricing

Membership with AIBC is much more affordable than boat ownership. With club dues starting as low as $350 per month, you can enjoy the water for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining a boat. You’ll save time, too! While boat owners are spending time getting their boat into and out of the water, fueled, and cleaned up; you’ll be free to spend that time on the water because we take care of everything for you. All you have to do is show up on the dock with a sense of fun in one hand, and a sense of adventure in the other. We’ll do the rest!

Captain Membership

  • Full boating access 7 days per week
  • 3 reservations on the calendar at any time
  • Holiday access

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Rental Pricing

Whether you are one of our warmly welcomed island visitors or a beloved local who hasn’t yet decided on club membership, we offer boat, WaveRunner, and water toy rentals so you can enjoy maximum time on the water. Forget the pain of towing a boat on vacation and loading up all your gear. Let AIBC handle the hassles while you enjoy boating!

Want the ultimate worry-free boating experience? AIBC can provide a captain to handle the driving while you kick back, relax, and take in all of the sights. We provide the boats, you provide the fun! Boating experience and/or a boater’s certificate is required to rent a boat or WaveRunner from AIBC. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED so call us to schedule today!

Fleet Cost Each Additional Hour
Pioneer 197 Sportfish150HP Yamaha, 7 person capacity, T-Top, GPS/Fishfinder, Large Live Well and Tackle center, Stereo, VHF $299 - First 2 hours $60
Pioneer 197 Islander150HP Yamaha, 7 person capacity, T-Top, GPS/Fishfinder, Yeti Cooler, Small Live Well, Stereo, VHF $299 - First 2 hours $60
Pioneer 222 Venture250HP Yamaha, 8 person capacity, Dual Console with walk-thru windshield, Bimini Top, GPS/Fishfinder, Stereo, VHF, Small Live Well, Ski Tow Bar, Trim Tabs $389 - First 2 hours $75
Leisure Kraft Tri-Toon 24ft150HP Suzuki, 8 person capacity, Bimini Top, Stereo with Bluetooth, VHF, Ski Tow Bar $299 - First 2 hours $60
Yamaha VX Deluxe Wave-Runner2 person Capacity, reverse and stop on handle bars for easy operation $175 - First hour $75

Captain Services Available

Driving the Boat for You – Subject to availability and must be scheduled in advance.

STATE LAW – Operators must have completed and passed a Boater Safety Course (click the link below for the course) w/ verification if born after January 1, 1988. The approximate time to complete the exam is 30 minutes to an hour and the exam is free. If born after January 1, 1988, click the button below to complete the online course (approximate time to complete is 3 to 4 hours), then provide verification of passed completion with photo ID to rent from AIBC. All rental customers must be 25 years of age to enter into a rental agreement with AIBC. Persons under the age of 25 must be accompanied by a legal guardian 25 years of age or older.

Operators/Renters must have a valid Driver’s License and current Credit Card to rent.

Rentals Include 1-Tank of Fuel and Coast Guard Safety Equipment
2 Hour Minimum on Boat Rentals (Excluding Wave-Runners)
Call for Holiday Rates
*Rental Rates Subject to Change Without Notice*

Our Fleet

Our fleet of top-of-the-line boats at AIBC are boats you’d like to own- minus all of the inconvenience, of course. Our quality boats and WaveRunners are well maintained and stored at the Amelia Island Marina’s D Dock, ready for use upon your arrival. With watercraft and accessories suited to every boating variety, you can enjoy the flexibility of a new adventure every weekend… or every single day! Thanks to the time you’ll save on boat handling and maintenance, you can experience multiple adventures on an assortment of watercraft. When you boat with us, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of a well-built fleet, the convenience of having the boat prepped for your excursion, and the freedom to leave the boat handling to us when you return. You’ll be off to your next island adventure with no wasted time.

Boat Club & Rentals FAQ

Boat Club FAQs

What Is A Boat Club?

A boat club is a private, members-only club, much like that of a golf or tennis club. For approximately a third of the cost of owning a boat, you will enjoy a fleet of top of the line boats. The club boats are for the use of the club members, their family and invited guests. As a member you have unlimited use of the fleet. Also as a member of the club, we provide all the water toys – complimentary kneeboards, tubes, skis and life-jackets. You just show up to share priceless memories with your family and friends, and we handle the rest.

What Are The Advantages Of Boat Club Membership Compared To Boat Ownership?

When you compare the 10% down payment, payments and interest amounts of a boat (don’t forget the trailer expense), storage fees (slip, slip hoist and trailer), on-going and seasonal maintenance, insurance, registration tags and taxes (boat and trailer), life-jackets, toys (kneeboards, skis and tubes), and outfitting the boat with an anchor, bumpers, tag lines, covers and etc., when boat owners compare to the cost of club membership, the club is less expensive and comes with none of the hassles. With club membership, you have more financial freedom and time to actually enjoy not one, but a variety of boats and WaveRunners.

What Are The Differences In The Membership Levels?
  • Captain Membership: Full boating access seven days a week. May have three (3) reservations on the calendar at any time with two (2) of those reservations being on a weekend or holiday. Membership is a 12-month term.
  • Shared Membership: Two Members/Families share full boating access seven days a week. May have three (3) reservations on the calendar at any time with two (2) of those reservations being on a weekend or holiday. Membership is a 12-month term. 
Can Family Members Or Friends Share A Membership?

Membership is defined as an individual or spousal couple. An additional adult family member or other (must have been born before January 1, 1988) may be added to a membership for an additional fee per year. All family members/others are considered ONE membership, meaning only one member may check out a boat at any given time. The maximum number of additional members is one (1). Corporate memberships are available.

How Do I Reserve A Boat?

Reservations are scheduled using our online reservation system and may be made up to 45 days in advance of an outing date. Reservations are revolving. As soon as you use or cancel one reservation, you get another right back. In addition, you are not limited to the number of times you may use a boat; unless you have a limited use membership.

What If I Want To Make A Last Minute, Same-day Reservation?

When making a same-day reservation, a minimum of four (4) hours notice, with a Club representative’s knowledge and acceptance,  is required between a reservation and the actual time of boat usage. Such reservations are required to be called in and may not be made online.

What Hours Are The Boats Available?

A boat outing shall be set-out below, and are subject to change with notice:

Summer Hours from April 1st to October 31st (determined by daylight savings)

  • Morning Outing
  • Weekday and Weekend – 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • Afternoon Outing
  • Weekday and Weekend – 2:00pm to 6:00pm (and progress to 7pm as daylight permits). As daylight becomes less, time will decrease back to Winter Hours
  • Winter Hours are from November 1st to April 1st (determined by daylight savings)
  • Day Outing – 9:00am to 5pm

Note:  No boat may be reserved after the latest evening return time or overnight. We reserve the right to cancel reservations due to any just cause or inclement weather at any time.

How Do I Know I Will Be Guaranteed A Boat? How Difficult Is It To Reserve A Boat?

Boat Clubs are not a new concept. It’s been proven, boat clubs have been able to accommodate 97%+ of all boat reservation requests. The earlier you make your reservation (convenient online reservation system you control), the more likely you’ll get your boat of choice.

What Are The Contract Terms?

All boat club memberships are 12-month terms.  You are required to pay membership dues at the time of enrollment based on your choice of membership.

What If I Have Little To No Experience In Operating A Boat?

No problem! We require and provide all boaters, experienced and inexperienced, on-the-water boating instruction.  If you would like additional training, the Captain’s services are available for private rates. We want you to be comfortable operating the various boats of the fleet as one boat is not equal to another.

What Type Of Insurance Is Provided Or Must Club Members Provide Their Own Coverage?

As a club member, you are covered under the club’s insurance policy as long as you are not in violation of AIBC’s Rules or Florida Boating Laws.

Are There Any Hidden Expenses?

Members are responsible for dues, fuel, and all damage repairs to boats and/or equipment. Members may also be assessed fees for not following specified rules.

Are Pets Allowed?

Pets are allowed on designated pet-friendly boats only.

May We Visit The Club And Check Out The Fleet Before We Join?

Absolutely! Tours are strongly encouraged and are scheduled by appointment only.  We’d love the opportunity to share more about the club with you. Please call or email us to schedule your tour of the Boat Club today.

Rentals FAQs

Who may rent/operate a boat/WaveRunner?

MUST have boating experience, and if:

  • Under 14 – CANNOT operate or rent a boat/WaveRunner.
  • 14 or over, but not 21 – CANNOT operate or rent a boat/WaveRunner; under 21 cannot enter into a legal agreement w/ AIBC.
  • At least 21 but born after January 1, 1988 – CAN rent and operate a boat/WaveRunner (aka jet ski) with a boater certification
  • Born before January 1, 1988 – Meets state legal requirement to rent and operate a boat/WaveRunner.
  • A boater certification may be obtained by clicking this link and completing the required course FLORIDA BOATER SAFETY COURSE
I am not a boat club member, may I rent a boat?

Yes, a boat may be rented to an individual if he/she is not a boat club member as long as he/she has boating experience and is born before January 1, 1988 with a valid driver’s license and is at least 21 years of age with a boater certificate and valid driver’s license.

Is boating experience necessary to rent a boat?

Yes! Previous boating experience is required to rent a boat, and it is strongly suggested to complete the boater certificate course as noted above. AIBC has the right not to rent to anyone that does not have a boater’s certificate or boating experience in tidal waters.

What types of boat/WaveRunners do you offer?

Please see  BOATS on this website.

What are the rental rates?

Please see  RENTALS on this website.

What is the minimum amount of time I may rent a boat/WaveRunner?

A boat must be rented for a minimum of 2 hours.  A WaveRunner may be rented for a minimum of 1 hour.  There are no half-hour rentals.

Are life-jackets provided?


May I tow any water toys behind a WaveRunner?

No, absolutely no towing is permitted behind a WaveRunner.

Are dogs allowed on the boat/WaveRunner?

Yes, dogs are allowed on specific boats with no additional fee.

Is fishing allowed on the boats?

Fishing is permitted on our Pioneer Center Console fishing boats ONLY.  You will need a fishing license. AIBC does not issue fishing licenses. 

Is food and beverage allowed on the boat?

Yes, but NO GLASS containers and NO GRILLS.  If we find evidence of glass or grilling on a boat, you will be charged a minimum $50 fee.

Do you provide a driver for the boat?

A driver is not provided; however, if you would like a driver we can arrange that for you, or refer you directly to a driver.  Drivers are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

I will have more people than the legal capacity of the boat. May I rotate people on and off of the boat?

Yes, you may rotate people on and off the boat as long as you don’t exceed the legal capacity or weight limit at anytime.   No boat/waverunner may be beached or in less than five feet of water at anytime. To rotate people on and off of the boat, the boat must be properly secured to a dock.

Do the boats have radios?

Most boats have am/fm radios and BlueTooth capability.  All boats are equipped with VHF radios.

Is fuel provided?

One (1) tank of fuel is included with each boat or WaveRunner rental.  Additional fueling is the customer’s responsibility.

Where do I fuel the boat/WaveRunner?

Fuel is available at the marina where you pick-up and return the boat/WaveRunner (aka jet ski).  You are not permitted to bring/provide your own fuel.

How do I schedule a rental?

Call 904.277.4615 to schedule your boat/WaveRunner rental.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL RENTALS. It is suggested to schedule your reservation at least 1 day in advance if reserving during the week,  and 2 to 3 days in advance if trying to schedule for the weekend. The sooner you know your schedule and reserve a boat/WaveRunner, the more options you’ll have to accommodate your party. 

How do I hold a reservation?

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time the reservation is made. If the reservation is canceled due to bad weather or other reasons, the $100.00 deposit will be refunded as a credit that the customer can use at another time.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Contact Boat Club within 24 hours of making your scheduled reservation and we will provide you with the option of receiving a full refund or a 6-month credit. Contact the office after this 24-hour period for your scheduled reservation and we will provide you with a 6-month credit. If you do not contact the office to cancel or reschedule your reservation at all, your reservation is void and you do not receive a credit. No credit or partial credit will be provided for returning a boat/WaveRunner to the marina before the scheduled return time.

What do I do if I have a reservation and there is bad weather?

If there is inclimate weather (storms with high winds, lightning and thunder) at the time of your reservation,  you will be provided the option of a refund or credit. AIBC will not provide refunds for rain or cold weather, but we will issue a credit.

Is there a security deposit?

No. You are responsible for the first $1,000.00 of damage, if any occurs during your outing, to the boat/waverunner.

What is a damage waiver?

We have discontinued the damage waiver. If one does damage to a boat/WaveRunner he/she is only responsible for up to $1,000 of the damages. For example, you are in the main channel and hit a floating piece of debris causing lower unit damage, which can be as little as $400 to repair, you will only be required to pay the $400 toward those repairs. If negligent, which is determined by the rental company, the customer is responsible for all damage repairs, payable immediately. There is an automatic fee of $750 for beaching/grounding a vessel regardless of the damage option.

What if I damage a boat/WaveRunner?

If one does damage to a boat/WaveRunner he/she is only responsible for up to $1,000 of the damages. For example, you are in the main channel and hit a floating piece of debris causing lower unit damage, which can be as little as $400 to repair, you will only be required to pay the $400 toward those repairs. If negligent, which is determined by the rental company, the customer is responsible for all damage repairs, payable immediately. There is an automatic fee of $750 for beaching/grounding a vessel regardless of the damage option.

What if I’m late for my reservation?

If you are more than 30 minutes late for your scheduled reservation and our office has not heard from you, your reservation will be canceled w/o a credit.  If you are running late and we are aware of it, no problem, we will hold your reservation. However, you will not be allotted additional time to your reservation.  For example, if your reservation is 2 to 6 and you don’t arrive until 3, the boat/WaveRunner is still due back at 6.

What if I’m late returning the boat/WaveRunner (aka jet ski) and my rental time has expired?

If you are late returning the boat/WaveRunner, you will be charged $50 for every 15 minutes the boat/WaveRunner is not at the dock – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Am I responsible for cleaning the boat/WaveRunner

The boat/WaveRunner is provided to you clean and you are required to return it as such – picked-up and all trash removed. If you return the boat/WaveRunner dirty and it requires additional cleaning, you will be charged a minimum $50 cleaning fee.  If the boat/WaveRunner is returned “trashed”, you will be charged a minimum $100 cleaning fee.

May I keep a boat/WaveRunner over night?

No boat/WaveRunner may be retained after dusk; this includes overnight. 

Are the boats/WaveRunners in the water or do I need to trailer the vessel?

All boats/WaveRunners are housed at the marina and do not require trailering.

May I trailer the boat/WaveRunner to another location?

No boat/WaveRunner may be trailered to another location.

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